This is a list of my projects, tests and experiments I think worth a mention. You can find all my projects that I host on GitHub at github.com/gheja .

I mostly code what I find interesting or think I’ll find useful later, these are not part of my job (however I used to be a web developer team lead a long time ago), these are merely experiments, pet projects and game jam entries.

Browser games are a recurring thing I do as I find them great opportunities to test an idea and finish it before a hard deadline.

My projects



Your job is to pull back all the boxes that were restlessly pushed in the wrong places by your daytime colleagues in the past 30 years.

A reverse Sokoban game where you need to pull the boxes, made for the game jam js13kGames 2015 for theme “reverse”. — JavaScript — Play / Browse

Where is Winston?

Jeff is the pilot of the Bobcat-13 freighter. He ships goods between planets and occasionally moons. He has four cats but he’s a bit forgetful sometimes…

A game made for game jam js13kGames 2017 for the theme “lost”. — JavaScript — Play / Browse

Glitch on Space Station 13

A puzzle and mind bending (sometimes confusing) game made for the game jam js13kGames 2016 for theme “glitch”. — JavaScript — Play / Browse

Witch Simulator 2000+

Made for Jamcraft 2018 game jam. — JavaScript — Play / Browse


A multiplayer tower attack-defense game for the js13kGames 2013. — JavaScript — Browse


An entry for the 1-bit clicker jam. — JavaScript — Play / Browse



Test for the client side (JavaScript) Facebook login API - login, logout and profile data retrieval (full name, profile picture, user ID). — JavaScript — Browse


A manual implementation for DNS-01 challenge hook used in dehydrated, a Let’s Encrypt client. Instead of editing a DNS zone file it prompts what you need to do. — Linux Shell Script — Browse


JavaScript library to calculate the position of the planets in the solar system using heliocentric ecliptic rectangular coordinates based on the VSOP87 C series. — JavaScript — Browse


Trilateration in 3D space. — JavaScript — Try / Browse


Convert touch events to mouse events in the browser. — JavaScript — Browse


A mock game just to test a cross-platform build process. — JavaScript — Releases / Browse

It builds a ZIP for web (zip-builder), Android package (android-builder), Windows and Linux executable and installer package (nwjs-builder). Check them out here: Releases

GBDK (forked)

GameBoy Developer’s Kit (GBDK) 2.96a from 2002 tuned so it can be compiled on a fairly modern system (Ubuntu 16.04 LTS). — Browse


A script to control chroot jails on Linux - start/stop/restart them, mount their filesystems (fstab) and control their own network interfaces. — Linux Shell Script — Browse

S.M.A.R.T. Schedule

Scheduled S.M.A.R.T. tests and reports, debian package. — Linux Shell Script — Browse


An initramfs hook to SSH server during the boot of your Linux system. — Linux Shell Script — Browse

Lunar date

Implements Lunar Standard Time (LST) as it is described on Lunar Clock. — PHP — Browse

Tests and experiments


A top-down 2D vertical scrolling shooter game - at least the beginning of it - I started making it for the LOWREZJAM 2018 game jam — JavaScript — Try / Browse

Test for js13kGames 2017

— JavaScript — Try / Browse


Mis Some miscellaneous scripts, tests, experiments that did not fit else. Like JS metaballs. — JavaScript, PHP, Linux Shell Script, Assembly, C, etc. — Try / Browse


You can find me on my webpage · GitHub · itch.io · LinkedIn · Twitter · Facebook · Youtube · Patreon · Mensa · Steam · Picasa Web · Kickstarter · IndieGogo · BandCamp · Geocaching.com.